M got better after a few days, then, last Sunday, got sick again. Snotty cold plus more vomiting. A new stomach bug caught back-to-back by weird coincidence? Some scary chronic digestive condition?

My worries were assuaged on Monday when my familiar first-trimester queasiness slowly crept toward all-out nausea that, by the end of the work day, had me projectile vomiting out the door of my car onto the pavement of the parking lot.

It got all three of us. Since Tuesday, we’ve done almost nothing other than puke and do laundry. Today is the first day I’ve felt almost human.

This will usher in an era of obsessive handwashing in the Pants household, I am certain. We do not want anything like this again.

I know that most of you are only here to try to sell me Viagra, but please let me give you this advice: Don't get this stomach bug. It is nasty.