"only takes one"

So, only one of the three follicles is still growing.

Please tell me this: Why does everyone - my mom, my husband, and, like, seven women on a message board I visit - say, "It only takes one"? And why am I not comforted by it at all?

It does only take one. Obviously. Am I totally spoiled to want a fantastic response out of my ovaries, something more than one little-engine-that-could follicle?


  1. You can only do the best you can do and get comfort in that. You can drive yourself crazy with the imperfections of fertility treatments and your bodies response.

    Just love yourself for being brave and try to swim in a pool of good thoughts.

    Good luck to you.

  2. I totally understand.

    I envisioned MANY follicles. Juicy, BIG, "wow-said-the-doc-I've-never-seen-such-beautiful-perfect-eggs-before" follicles. Having just one did not thrill me.

    They're right, about the "it just takes one thing" but it doesn't make you feel better. Here's hoping that you have right one to make it THE one.
    Mandy from infertilityisfunny