My days are numbered.

In the car yesterday, as I sneaked several bites of a Hershey bar with almonds while driving:

Ingrid: (blah blah, long story about something or other)...and someone was eating chocolate in the house ... (etc. etc., story goes on).

Me: (continue sneaking bites of chocolate)

Ingrid: What you eating, Mama?

Me: Mmm, nothing, just a grown up snack...

Isn't anyone working on developing odorless chocolate for addicts who don't want to pass bad habits on to their kids?


  1. My baby has started to pretend to clean her ears with Q-tips like I do. They really do want to be just like us.

  2. After Halloween, I can't get away with this anymore. My husband insisted we couldn't steal her candy so now she knows what it tastes like. We're doomed.