Little Car

The A and caro decision-making mill is slow and creaky, but it gets its job done eventually. After a few more backseat make-out sessions test drives, several weeks of mulling things over, and a lot of conversations that started and ended with So, what are you thinking now?, the verdict is in: little car.

We are, as of this evening, the owners of a 2004 Honda Civic. Black. The safety ratings are good, the mileage is great, and the trunk is bigger than I thought it'd be. This car is so shiny and black, I feel a little conservative in it, like we need a sheaf of lefty bumper stickers to balance the thing out. But I bet that soon it'll feel like ours. And boy is it awesome to drive down the highway without feeling like the whole body of the car is going to crumble off as we go.

It's been pointed out that if we continue our habit of driving cars far into their decrepitude, we may well see Ingrid behind the wheel of this thing. Over the next couple of years, though, I guess we'll just be working on creating a good under-the-backseat layer of Cheerio detritus.

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  1. Congrats on the decision! I really did love my civic when I had it. It was also black which showed all the little imperfections really well ;) but I just called it character :D It will last forever so I wouldn't doubt if either of the girls end up with it :D Phil has had his Teal Green Legacy for 9 years now and it is a '95. We don't plan on replacing either Subaru any time soon :D Have fun. Although, it is funny that every time I see someone in 'your' Subaru, I look for you. I forget that we're about 900 miles away!!