Afraid her diaper is going to fall off.

Second night, same as the first. Except without any yelling from me, and with more of a general "I don't want to go to sleep all by myself" vibe.

Wise friend here for dinner pointed out there's probably some larger, unspoken worry or fear. I brought Ingrid down from the initial storm by talking about missing Daddy, about growing up. About how Daddy is coming home soon, and however big and old she gets I'll still be her Mama and love her like no one else in the world. Sent dinner friends home early to sit in her room, reading, to be there as she fell asleep.

When she was still awake at 9, I told her I had to come downstairs to get things cleaned up and ready for the morning, and she freaked out again. Cried in her room for fifteen minutes, then came down and watched me do the dishes. Now she's pooping in her diaper. When she's done, I'll clean her up, put her to bed, and go to bed myself. She may scream. If she does, I'm not sure what I'll do. I need to get to sleep. Iris wakes up before five some days, and I'm on a sleep deficit anyway. I can't sit in Ingrid's room for another half hour waiting for her to sleep, and I can't sleep with her in bed with me.


  1. this really sounds like my life. Hope she finds the potty soon, and that you get some rest.

  2. Oh, that sounds awful! We haven’t had it quite that bad, but it’s awful when you end your day like that. I wish I could help. I’m around this evening (and could leave after 6:30 when J gets home). If you want any company, or even for someone else to sit with her while you go to the coffeeshop for a while and get yourself away from it, I’d be happy to. Maybe it’ll solve itself when Anders gets home? I’ll call you later.--Emmie