Correction, Questions

1. A HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX YEARS. Is how long A's family has lived in that county. Not 130. Apparently all I needed to do to smoke him out of his blog-reading hole was get sloppy with my family history facts. (Hi, A.)

2. Do you back up your blog? What with all the data loss disasters I've written about, you'd think I'd be all ultra on top of backups of everything, but I'm not, and what's the easiest way to extract my two hundred and some posts (such as they are) so I have them for posterity in the event that Blogger goes belly up without warning?

3. Facebook questions: Friend requests from people you do not know. For example, random high school people whose names you know but that you have no memory of ever talking to. a) Why do they do that? b) How rude is it to just ignore them? Please discuss.


  1. 1) Wow, a husband who reads the blog! How modern.

    2) No. Never thought of this. Guess I have too much faith in Wordpress.

    3) Dunno. Facebook is out of my purview.

  2. Re: Facebook. I also think this is weird and ignore. I, too, wonder if they think I'm terribly rude... but I'm not interested in collecting "friends" as a hobby, I live far enough away that no real-life friendship will ever grow from being Facebook friends, and while I don't share anything uber-personal, I do post enough personal information that I don't want totally random people perusing it. So I don't really care if they think I'm rude, I guess.

    I do wonder if other people have different "friend" qualifications, though, and how they've come to their conclusions.

  3. Back is actually pretty simple. I believe Blogger has a tool that allows you to export your files into a simple "notes" file (i know this isn't the correct term). If something were to happen, you'd simply be able to import the files back to Blogger.

    Facebook is very strange in that sense.I only have a handful of high school folks on there. I've ignored and deleted requests with little concern.