Mittens for My Favorite Almost-4-Year-Old

A tiny bit of thumb weirdness aside, the mittens were much, much easier to knit than I thought they'd be. Quick, even.

I made the "Small" size, thinking it would work for a smallish adult, but it turned out they really meant small, so I ended up shortening the pattern a bit to make them fit Ingrid. They're pretty long on her, but that's good. It'll keep the snow out of her coat.

Unsurprisingly, she says they're too itchy. I'm thinking of lining them with some soft fleece so that she'll wear them.

Next up: socks. Ana set me up with a pattern. I may go blind from using the world's skinniest yarn and size 2 needles, but hopefully I'll also end up with something colorful to keep my feet toasty next winter.


  1. The mittens look great! Good luck with the socks; I've also found the YarnHarlot's book Knitting Rules to be useful. But watch out -- sock-knitting can be addictive. I've almost always got a sock on the needles...

  2. they look wonderful! you'll get used to the smaller needles. i rarely knit on needles bigger than size 5 anymore. let me know if you have any questions...i might be in town in early May.

  3. Impressive! My fave color.