Only Half Here

Thanks for the points about the fraught playground discussion. I don't think anyone meant harm, it was just disconcerting, especially the part where I said something innocently and didn't realize until an hour later that it might have sounded snarky. Open exchange of ideas, I keep thinking. Open exchange of ideas.

Lots of newsiness here:

1. Have launched into full-on M&M bribery with the potty learning for Iris. She calls them Lemon Ms and is learning fast, except for the part where during her naked bottom time she poops on the floor, apparently oblivious to what's going on. Learning, I keep saying to myself and her. This is how we learn.

2. Before this, I 'd never used those bleach wipes. Now I am.

3. I'm sort of ashamed to be thinking of anything other than this. (No. 17: My god.) I'm not sure that kind of bravery is anywhere in me.

4. Tomorrow we're going to visit the CSA farm where our veggies grow. We're going to camp overnight and miss naptime and pick strawberries. When Iris wakes everyone up by hollering at 2 a.m. and when Ingrid has the inevitable utter meltdown about the inevitable mosquito bite or ill-timed bug sighting, I'll try to remember how easy our lives are as I do my deep breathing.

5. I finally got that new Malcolm Gladwell book from the library. Every time I look at the title I want to pronounce it as some kind of French word. Oot-lee-aiiirre.

6. And I found a book of poems by Robert Hass called Time and Materials. How terrific a title is that, and why didn't I think of it?

7. At this farm strawberry fest, there will be a potluck lunch, and for it I made tabouli with some of our abundant parsley, and foule, which tastes better if you spell it with an e at the end if you know what I mean. I cooked the fava beans (which Ingrid calls thaba beans, although her hearing was tested as completely perfect not three months ago) in the pressure cooker, and you should have seen them bobbing around in the water. They have a little line across one side as though they are little smiling fish. I talked to them in my best fava bean voice until A got overly weirded out and forced the lid onto the cooker.

8. I really ought to be in bed.


  1. God, Iran, I know. It's notable to me how, when I see pics like that, with people who dress just like people I know, I mean the men, going through such foreign things...and I've been reading about the implications of women's dress, too. Anyway it's so strange to do my boring vacation-y things all the time, and this is happening. Of course, all the time horrible, distressing, foreign things are happening.

  2. "Before this, I'd never [insert previous view/habit/norm here]. Now I am." LOL- that should be like an actual blog feature, shouldn't it? Hope you guys had a great weekend.

  3. Thanks for the link to those photos - wow. The novels that could be written from those pics alone.