Hoping it ain't so.

I put Ingrid down for her nap a little later than usual, and she's been talking and singing to herself in her crib for over 45 minutes. A few minutes ago she called for me to come up there. I did, thinking she might need a diaper change, and the girl is completely, perkily wide awake. She made all the usual requests one might expect of a 27 month old, like, you know, could she nurse a little bit and could I please count to five in Nepali? I'm insisting that she stay in the crib, but she shows no sign of getting sleepy.

I don't know what's up, but I'm sure hoping this is not the end of the napping era. No one ever goes cold turkey from two-hour nap to no nap, right?


  1. Only have a second, but both my boys went through something like that a couple of months ago, for about a week, and they're happily back ot two hour naps. it went on just long enough to scare me. see you soon!

  2. They sure like to keep things interesting...sometimes sleep gets weird for a while, but so far it always goes back to normal. I'm sure it'll pass!