Tantrums I Witnessed This Morning

Sumpeen’s Wrong Wif Your* Diaper
Want Some Fishy Crackers**
Want Some Fishy Crackers (library remix)
Want Some Fishy Crackers (library parking lot remix)
Want Some Fishy Crackers (back seat remix)
Mama Hold You*
Don’t Want to Take a Nap
Want To Sleep in the Bathroom Sink
Want to Wear PJs
Not That Book

* The pronouns, they are not always right.

** I don’t even really consider fishy crackers a food. (I mean, why are they so orange?) We had a bag of them in the house for about a week when the grandmas were around, and something reminded Ingrid of it this morning. Jeez.


  1. ooh ooh, my definite favorite is "want to sleep in the bathroom sink"!

  2. She knows what she wants! It's adorable. Of course, I am not having to handle it! That sink thing is classic.