The Words of the Prophets

Scrawled in black permanent marker on the side of the slide at our neighborhood park, I discovered yesterday: You are strong!!! And on the flat surface of the slide: You can climb!!! And, at the top of the slide, at the entrance to a small tunnel, next to a round, noseless smiling face: You are good!

I can just picture some high, overencouraging mamas deciding one raucous night to use the playground equipment as a canvas. Either that or my personal guardian angel wields a Sharpie.


  1. I like your guardian angel better. I think mine is doing a lousy job, and is probably responsible for the voices in my head:

    You are tired.
    You are impatient.
    You are crabby.
    You have a headache.
    You are counting the minutes till bedtime.

  2. Huh. That's actually a cute idea, if it weren't such a bad example.

  3. A bad example for the children, I mean. Graffiti.