Filthy Pictures

I want you to be comfortable here. I mean, don't perch on the edge of the perfectly upholstered sofa and place your teacup precisely in the center of that lovely designer coaster. Put your feet on the coffee table, already. And if you spill a little, would you mind picking up that sock over there and just doing your best to blot it up?

I don't want you to leave here thinking I could never have her over to my house. She'd think I was a total slob. No. I want you to walk out onto my front porch dusting cat hair off your clothes and thinking Well, Jesus, at least I vacuum occasionally. I don't get done as much as I'd like but at least I'm doing better than caro. And she's all right, so I must be all right too.

Many bloggers post photos revealing the details of wonderful domestic surroundings. And I don't know about you, but none of them ever looks quite like my house. So, as my contribution to that genre, I am beginning a series of photos, to be taken as the whim strikes me and posted as I get a chance, to share with you the real beauty of our home.

I call this first one "Hi Daddy."


  1. Ha, what a genius idea! Maybe I will take some filthy pictures of my own, because God knows I have ample subject matter.

  2. I may have to join you in this. And you may just leave my house with a bit of dog hair, cat hair, and possibly a chicken feather stuck to you.

  3. Oh my god, my totally gave me a great explanation for my housekeeping: I am making my guests feel better about themselves! Awesome! As for the pictures, brilliant. I was just thinking this morning that I had planned to do a post showing my house but it's just never clean enough all at the same time, so I was thinking I could photograph the rooms at their cleanest times and save up and post later...

  4. You are hilarious! This is a great idea. When I have taken pictures of my house to post on the internet, I usually go out of my way to clean first. Everyone knows I am really a slob.