Friday Trivia

What’s your position on Kleenex?

More specifically, Kleenex offered by strangers in the grocery store. To wipe my kids’ noses.

People offer the girls and me Kleenex in public. A lot. Does this happen to you?

My good friend J and darling husband A, both clearly inclined to see the good in humanity, think people are Just Being Nice. They are part of a village, raising children. They see a mom with two kids. They see snot. They see a way they can help, and they do.

When it happens, I react as though I believe that is the case.

But really what I’m thinking is Oh God they can see what an awful mom I am for not keeping the snot at bay. Our family is a vector of pestilence and it’s all my fault. They are so grossed out they can’t contain themselves.

Or: If they think there’s any hope of both noses ever being clean at once they are living some kind of ridiculous pipe dream. If they had ever, ever been in this position they would see the impossibility of this and not even bother trying to help.

Where do you come down?


  1. I'm grateful if someone gives me a tissue when I (Gatito) need(s) it! Even better than holding the door open for me when I've got an armful of toddler.

  2. When I offer things to people in public, it's only because I'm trying to be helpful. But I tend to react just as you do when someone offers something to me!

  3. I haven't been offered Kleenex, though it's not for lack of a snotty nose. You'd think esp where you live people are used to snotty noses! Anyway, um, I guess I'd be semi-grateful and semi-mind-your-own-business. Actually probably more the latter. If I wanted to wipe her nose, I would!

  4. I get defensive. I don't want to, but I do. Every old woman in los angeles tells me that Mimi's nose is running.

    "Go catch it!" I want to tell them.