Facing the Book

OMG. I want to tell you about a fabulous web site. You post your profile, and you can search for your old friends by school and class year. People post pictures and all kinds of things about themselves, so you can see that guy you had a mad crush on when you were sixteen is now a paunchy lawyer in a red state. And then you can become “friends” with people you know, and post updates on what you’re doing, and make jokes with each other. It’s like blogging, only you don’t have to write so much, and the people you’re talking with, you actually know in real life. And apparently it is also possible, within this fabulous new web site, to play some form of Scrabble.

So. Erm. That’s where I’ve been. I’m not sure what I’m more embarrassed about: spending so much time there this week, or having taken so long to come around to checking it out. Save me.

I continue to feel like a superhero for navigating daily life with two little girls without (much) trauma. We get where we need to be, we eat (relatively) healthful meals, the house is (relatively) clean, the laundry’s done, the new tabs are on the license plates. The girls’ fingernails are even clipped. And it usually only takes five or six tries to get Ingrid to stay in bed at night and go to sleep.

A gets back on Friday and oooh boy am I looking forward to it. These trips of his are instructive for me. They reveal my deep many-armed mama-goddess nature … something every mother deserves to get more in touch with. But, man, life is just more fun with him here. Aside from me getting to sometimes take a shower with no one else in the bathroom. Aside from sometimes getting to sleep in. Everything is more enjoyable when he’s around. Two more days!


  1. I so admire you, many-armed mama goddess. Esp. the part about the clipped fingernails. I am always afraid someone is going to see my kids' raggedy, torn fingernails and call DCFS. That and all the scratches on their faces from their claws. That's a daddy job, and it takes at least 5 or 6 requests. I am too chicken.

    Also impressed with your having time to facebook and blog while single-parenting. Feel free to write an instruction book. I will be the first one to buy it!

  2. sc, it's all about what I don't do: 1. vacuum, 2. cook anything more complicated than pasta and sauteed vegetables, 3. shave my legs, 4. clean anything, really, other than keep up with kitchen messes and do cursory pre-company bathroom wipedowns, 5. take out the recycling. Etc., etc. etc.

    Fingernails are daddy's job here, too. This was the first time I've ever done Iris's and maybe the third time I've done Ingrid's, ever.

  3. Yay, coming back! I hate it when mine's gone.

  4. Ha! I have also discovered the Book recently and have been tracking down old friends. Except I can't friend any blog friends because I'm worried my family will find my blog that way.

    My hat is still off to you for handling your single parenting with such aplomb!