Is it me, or...

... is it impossible to find a raincoat in kids' size 5 or 6? Other than a $65 Marmot one from REI, I mean. I haven't spotted a single used one this summer, and Target has cute ones up to size 4 and then ... nothing. Is everyone supposed to stay inside when it rains now, or just roll up the sleeves of Mama's Mountain Hard Wear and waddle around like E.T. as we did this morning?

... are these a little odd? Granted, I wet the bed until I was old enough to write a five-paragraph essay (oh, and I spotted them while shopping for diapers for my three and a half year old to poop in) but I am weirded out by the teeny bopper marketing.

... is something off with Google Reader? It keeps showing old things as new, no matter how many times I click 'mark as read' or whatever. It's a pretty interface, but, grrr, I'm about to go back to bloglines.

... is it really, really dark in the morning all of a sudden? The girls are getting up at about 6, and it feels like night then, and continues to feel like night until after we're done with breakfast. I'm ordering the light therapy box today.

... are freshly roasted pumpkin seeds with lots of salt totally, totally addictive?


  1. I had a hard time finding a size 5 short sleeve button down shirt for my nephew this summer. All other sizes were available, except that one.

    I was thinking the same thing about the underjams. Although Phil mentioned that the kid in the TV commercial would have gotten his booty kicked for messing up a hacky sack game, not wetting the bed.

    Guess I won't switch over to Google Reader.

    V gets up at 6am and yes, it is dark. The fog hasn't helped either. It feels like 4am and it's hard to function.

    Mmmm, freshly roasted pumpkin seeds, salt..mmmmmm. We're getting out pumpkins next week. Yay.

  2. Hee-I spent all summer looking for raincoats too. There were two, and I got them both,(she says, while sticking out tongue.)Have you noticed how prices for used items have gone up while everything is way more picked over? S*avers is such a dive all of a sudden. Very inconvenient, this economy...

  3. http://www.landsend.com/ix/index.html?store=le&action=newSearch&search=07504-2AD7&imageField.x=21&imageField.y=10


    More later. I want to respond to your comment - which was a good comment.