Stingy Mama

A year ago, on one of our first outings as a mama-and-two-girls trio, we went to a big giant craft store and bought three bottles of poster paint. Red, yellow, and blue. For kiddie painting projects.

In June, I found some all-natural, juice-only popsicles at the co-op and bought them. For treats on hot summer days. I bet there were 16 in the box.

Ingrid loves to paint, and we do it often, and I'm in charge of doling out the paint. I squirt it onto a piece of cardboard, she uses it up and asks for more, I squirt out a bit more, feeling a little antsy all the while about wasting paint.

It probably goes without saying that she loves popsicles. Who doesn't love popsicles? I heed the limit-the-juice warnings, though. I give her one on an especially hot day, or at a special time. More often than not the "don't spoil your child" devil sits on my shoulder as she slurps away, and I slap it back: just this once, I say.

But know what I've still got? Three bottles of paint that are less than half used up, and a good three quarters of the box of popsicles still in the freezer.

I am stingy. With art supplies. And hippie popsicles.

Goal for the new (school year): Loosen up. Objective A: Be extravagant with the art supplies. Objective B: Be more generous with the popsicles.


  1. Haha. I know the feeling with the art supplies but I force myself to do it. We have popsicles almost daily 'round these parts, though. 60 calories a pop is not a big deal (especially for a skinny minnie like mine). Even a serving of juice per day would not be a big deal-- it's just that some kids are taking hits from their sippy cups all day long and consuming many servings.

  2. Ha! A is into stickers and it KILLS me to see her tearing through a whole sheet at a time. I forced myself to buy a bunch of them at the dollar store and get over it, but it wasn't easy.

  3. You can't call me stingy. I always end up eating all the popsicles myself. And now I know where to find more...

  4. I'm kind of like that, too. It's no fun. I'll try to lighten up like you. :)

  5. Heh. I find myself cringing when the neighbor kids use our sidewalk chalk - since Asparagus is just beginning to figure it out, a little bit could go a loooong way with her, but they're more adept and I'm watching it disappear all too quickly...

    Sidewalk chalk! Not exactly made of gold...