An Improvement?

Today after school:

Ingrid, cheerfully: [Name of Wyoming Town] didn't hit me on the head today.

Me: Well, that's good. It sounds like he made a better choice today, (blah blah blah about hitting and how it hurts, etc. etc.)

Ingrid, interrupting, still cheerfully: Today he poked me in the eye.

Other than that, she seems to have had a fine second day. Her teacher commented on her sense of humor, saying she giggled all day long. She made a fabulous piece of art out of large amounts of glue and glitter.


  1. UGGGGHHH! I'm so worried about this for next week.

    BTW you sounded so happy in your last post. It's good to hear/read.

  2. Well, she seems to be taking it in stride anyway!

    I have not even thought about this aspect of school--other kids hitting my child!! You are being very calm about it.

  3. Aah, but, Melissa, he *didn't* hit her. He just ... poked her in the eye.