If you don't love birth stories, just skip this one.

Not that birth story ... not yet. This is Ingrid's. Forgive me; two years later, I still can't part with enough of it to get it down to a decent length. (This is the short version.) But here it is, for posterity and for your crazy birth-story-loving selves, if any.

This weird little work-around (back-dating the post and putting a link to it here) is the only way I can figure out to keep the whole huge thing from appearing on page one. All the official Blogger options I can find involve a stupid "read more" link at the bottom of every post, regardless of length. Is this why people switch to Typepad?


  1. Man you got my heart racing with that title.

    I actually can't STAND to read birth stories. Partly this is because I haven't gone through labor and I guess have conflicted feelings about that. Mostly though it just reminds me of the stress of my own birth and breastfeeding experience which I mostly try not to think about too much. I know a lot of people LOVE to read about births, though, so it's good you have it down, for you and for them! I seem to recall having sort of written mine down, too.


    I don't know, but I love Wordpress.

  2. Your birth story was beautifully written. You really managed to capture the mental state of giving birth in a way that I've never managed to put into words. Thank you for sharing!