I'm sure you want to know...

Today's peek at ye olde cervix revealed pretty much nothing of interest. Quote of the day: "This baby could hang out for another week." However, this was the same doctor who, at my 36 week appointment, predicted "a couple more weeks" and got me in a tizzy about not being ready in time. She has pretty much used up her ability to get me excited one way or another.

I guess this is the stage where a lot of people start to fear they will be pregnant forever. And it has crossed my mind that this is not a baby but some sort of rare abdominal tumor (With a heartbeat. And feet.), but mostly I am confident that eventually I will go into labor and a baby will come out. And beyond some heartburn, I'm not really so uncomfortable. My chief problems are the heat (how I would love to walk and walk and walk, but it is so hot out there's just no way) and boredom. Which is silly because I'm pretty much doing all the things I normally do in a week (besides work). I guess my usual activities just seem more boring when I'm thinking something else should be going on instead.

Fortunately, Dr. Poor Prognosticator was not at all jumpy about induction (though she seemed surprised when I said I'd prefer to wait if all looks fine with the baby). I have an appointment a week from today for a non-stress test, and if the baby still looks healthy and I still want to wait for things to happen on their own, she's fine with going a few more days from there. I hope we don't make it that far.


  1. Oy--I remember the tedium of those last days--and it must be even worse after you've already had one.

    I hope you and yours are all fine after the bridge collapse.

  2. This is the calm before the storm. I'd tell you to try to enjoy it, but I know that's pretty much near impossible. :) You are SOOOO CLOSE. In fact it may already have happened...