In which I request gifts ask you to toot your own horn

Today is the fourth anniversary of my first blog post.

I've had a long hiatus or two, but, still, four years is a long time, and it's way longer than I thought I'd be at this. I started this blog to join the community of bitter, funny infertile women writing on line—a community I needed, at the time, desperately. Since then this has been part notebook, part brain dump, part builder of small but important on line friendships, part connector with real life friends.

One of the strangest things about this little hobby is the possibility of sudden disappearances. Whole blogs—whole people—can just vanish. And there are little, daily disappearances, too. Insight and beauty—on occasion, I mean—flash up on the screen, then are slowly buried and sink away. How many of us dig around in each other's archives, really? You probably wrote something hilarious or enlightening just before I started reading your blog, but I missed it, because, hello, I only read page one.

So here is the blogiversary gift I'd love to receive. (Keep reading...this could be a sweet little love fest.)

Leave me a link to your favorite blog post. Of yours, I mean. The funniest, the silliest, the wisest, or the most enlightening. One that you wish weren't buried waaay back there in your archives.

Then, go read what someone else linked to, and, if you're moved to, leave them a comment on their ancient masterpiece.

See? Love fest. Go.


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  2. Great idea! Will be stealing this for my own 4th anniversary which is coming up. What a great way to get to know your readers, too. Congrats on your anniversary, too. :-)

    My favorite post is the DNA Project Status Report that I did for my son's 1st birthday. Link is

  3. you were the first blogger I read who dissappeared. I remember such a feeling of discombobulation that someone would just fall off the face of the earth. I don't have a post I want to link to but I just want to say I'm glad you're back.

    Lala, formerly of Lala Land

  4. Lala, I'm so sorry to have caused befuddlement...At the time I disappeared (er, went on sabbatical) I don't think I believed anyone was actually reading this!

  5. Happy anniversary. And this is a good idea! One of my favorites is this one, because it's helped a lot of people who were really miserable breast feeding. I get hits on this post every day (search "I hate breast feeding") and all of the other search results are of the "rah rah breast feeding, it will get better" variety. Those have their place, I know, but it seemed like the world was short on the "it's okay to stop even if you don't have a medical reason" stuff.

    Where's your own favorite post?!


  6. What a lovely idea! Here's mine:


    About why I live where I do, and kind of a parenting manifesto.

  7. This is way after the fact, but I love the idea so I'm going to play too.


    The pitfalls of ever feeling smug when babies are involved.

  8. hehehehe, here's the funny thing, when I discover someone new (as I have now discovered with amazement that you've followed me ;-)), I always go right to the beginning and read ALL the archives. I have just reached this point and had to comment because I thought it was pretty funny ;).

    So far I have laughed, cried and nodded my head in agreement a LOT and am so very glad that I am catching up so that I feel as if I know you just a little bit more.

    Onwards and upwards, I will let you know once I am completely up to date.

    aka Villagepig ;-)