Linda (with bonus glimpse of mildewed shower curtain)

This is exactly what people mean when they say blogging will cause your kids trauma and embarrassment. But I can't resist. I have worked very hard to word this in a way that won't attract scurrilous googlers:

This is my eldest's number one favorite implement for bathtub self-exploration.

Obviously, the girl is a genius.


  1. HA!

    I especially like that she looks all prim and old-school.

  2. Mine will back up on her tummy to the running water in the tub. My husband was baffled the first time she did it but I wasn't!

  3. Ah - "self-exploration". Good euphemism. We are seeing rather a lot of that too right now, along with fla*shing in public and general potty talk. It's like puberty-lite over here, for G*d's sake, only with no manners or boundaries. I regularly find myself saying, "you can do, um, whatever-the-heck-that-is-and-doesn't-that-hurt??? in your bedroom when you are by yourself". I like to think if myself as open-minded and body positive, but wow. I was not prepared for this. And no, O, I am not going to show you where you came out of my tummy.