The Wee Eliot Ness

Ingrid's been peeing on the potty with total reliability for months. Number two, though? Never.

We'd tried all sorts of encouragement, all kinds of potties, all kinds of conversations, and a good long stint of no-pressure, hands-off waiting. Out of some sort of idealism, I'd been resisting offering bribes. And somehow I'd been thinking that, once I finally crossed into the world of offering presents and prizes for poops in the potty, it would definitely happen.

But nope. This jar of temptation has been sitting on top of our bathroom cabinet for well over a week.

And we are still changing diapers. Ingrid apparently shares my resistance to such base forms of coercion.

She has her own ideas of what would help, though, as I found out the other day:

Mama: What do you think would help you learn to poop on the potty?

Ingrid: An ice cream cone.

Mama: Mmm, good idea. When you poop on the potty, it will be such a big day, we'll go out and celebrate by having a big yummy ice cream cone.

Ingrid: No, no. [Stammering a little, trying to express an important thought.] While I'm sitting on the potty waiting for poop to come out, I'll be eating an ice cream cone!

Somehow I think we're just going to have to wait her out on this one.


  1. Too cute. We're in week 2 of potty training and my son said the only thing that would get him to poop on the potty was a trip to the car wash. Kids are strange, huh? It didn't work though...

  2. Haaaaaaahahaha.

    Mimi keeps reminding us about her poop in the potty on Saturday that was perhaps overcelebrated and asking us if we're so proud of her. 5 poopy diapers later. She's like that guy that can't let go of high school foot ball. "Hey! Remember that time I pooped in the potty 23 years ago?

    I hope it all comes out soon. We are trying more dietary fiber.

  3. Ew.

    I think bribes don't really work. My kid didn't seem to respond to bribes...

    Good luck.

  4. We had the exact same issue and it went on for months. The bribes did work in the end (it was a strawberry freddo frog, to my horror... do you have freddo frogs over there??).
    Anyway what I had to do was wait to catch her in the act of pooping in her knickers, then forcibly hold her on the potty, then act excited and hand over the bribe. Did that probably 2-3 times, and she was so excited to get more of these amazing strawberry freddos that she started doing it herself. The bribes then scaled down to bertie beetles thne chocolate coins then m&m's and then just disappeared without anyone really noticing.
    Good luck though, I was mighty sick of scraping poo out of undies.

  5. hahaha. i guess the bribe thing is on a kid by kid basis. i know my kid responded to jelly beans (one for peeing, two for pooping). sure, *months* after being fully trained he still demands jelly beans most of the time, but 5-6 jelly beans a day is a small price to pay!

  6. Well I am outright bribing with candy and she went poo poo on it tonight!!! Whatever works. If it works, of course.